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5 Ways to Obtain Free Wedding Planning:


5 Ways to Obtain Free Wedding Planning:


  1. Book a few consultations: a lot of wedding planners offer free consultations, and the meetings typically last a good one hour or longer, ask as many questions as you have, many of your uncertainties will be cleared up!


  1. Visit wedding planners’ blogs: Some wedding planners will update their blogs frequently about their past weekend’s wedding; his/her stories will inspire you with ideas and tips.


  1. Tea for 2: Treat a friend, who had recently got married to an afternoon tea, ask her about the scope of her wedding and what she’d have changed if she has the chance to turn back.


  1. Download free and useful spreadsheets online: Nowadays, there are numerous of wedding planning templates that are free to download. Take a look at A Practical Wedding that offers free wedding planning templates: Customizable (And Free) Wedding Spreadsheets


  1. Fetch for an experienced wedding company: Top notch wedding service companies care about their reputation more than anything else, companies like TDE wedding has a standing of sustainable excellence, they offer complimentary wedding planning services towards most of their day of services, which avoid many unnecessary miscommunications. Click here for a step closer to great wedding services experience.