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5 things about DIY weddings

Blog post – 2017.12.29

The party size – If you’ve an intimate wedding, it’s easier to DIY; however, if you’ve a large crowd, DIY might be tedious and overwhelming.


Wedding floral can be pricey, but reconsider to DIY— Unless you’ve very minimal of work to do. We’ve saw weary brides with dark circles on the day; it can easily ruin your big day, save money on elsewhere!


A lifetime memory— DIY can be fun and meaningful. If you’re good at it, you’ll even receive compliments, which can be very fulfilling. A great memory that will last for a long time.


Not for fun— If you’re not an arts and crafts person, and you’re DIY-ing for the sake of budget purpose only, be alerted that the wedding planning process itself is already challenging, adding up can be very frustrating.


Consider partial DIY— If it’s meaningful for you to DIY, but you don’t have the time, choose to participate in a part of it only. We saw escort card standing on a Ferrero Rocher that added green paper leaves on top, making it looks like a pineapple.