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One of our TOP 4 remarkable weddings we’ve been

Blog post – 2018.01.15


The late night snack

It’s easy to arrange some sort of random late night snacks for your guests; but arranging fresh hot “In-N-Out” burgers with a server dressing in the “In-N-out” outfit after dancing had definitely wow all guests, including us!


The lucky draw

 We’re not talking about winning a $10 Starbucks gift card; the lucky winners won prizes like iPads, and Apple watches… in a wedding!

Love is in the air

The groom who’s a pilot himself holds his wedding at an aviation museum, the couple’s ceremony took place in front of an airplane and on the day, they did not take pictures in typical scenery places, but instead, it was inside an airplane at the pilot’s controlling room. At night, guests dine under different kinds of airplanes, not a typical wedding venue one would normally attend.

Food trucks

The couple loves food truck’s food and they invited their favorite food truck—yes, the actual physical truck parking outside the winery serving delicious ox-tail and a crème brulee cart serving it fresh.