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Shred the pounds and wear the dress!

Blog post – 2018.04.18

The term “dream wedding” does in fact include “Do I look great?” on one’s big day. It’s no surprise that shredding pounds is one of the top priorities for a bride-to-be or even a groom-to-be. We are neither a lost weight doctor nor a nutritionist, but after many conversations with brides (and grooms), who came to their first consultation in size 10 and successfully transformed into size 6 before the wedding is definitely something to share.

What’s your eating routine? Let’s elaborate the 3 meals a day below:

The hearty breakfast

Breakfast often gives us an impression that it should be fulfilling because it gives you the fuel to start your day. Yet this “impression” often misleads us to consume more than we need. Most breakfast consist of toast, consuming excess amount of carbs (then turns into sugar) are big no-no towards dieting; if you must eat a slice of toast, try minimizing your usual amount into half and/or try wheat, which is better than white bread. And instead of regular egg, try egg white; here and there do add up a lot of calories.

A protein bar works wonders

The time after lunch and before dinner is the trickiest /easiest time to reach for junk food. The reality is we do need to eat every 3-4 hours, so instead of consuming junk food, try a protein bar (make sure the protein bar is no more than 170 calories) or a handful of almonds (the best ones are the pre-packed 100 calories only ones to avoid overeating). The protein will offer a good amount of fuel until dinner time, so you are never too hungry (and eating too much) until your next meal.

Dessert after dinner

Yes, you heard me right! The brand Halo offer low calories ice cream pints and some Skinny Cow popsicles are about 100 calories only! Cheers to no-guilt pleasure!

Adapting the above together with regular exercise for as little as 20 minutes a day, you should be able to enjoy your results soon.  Losing weight does take time and a lot of effort. Yet don’t give up and we look forward to seeing you in your lovely gown on your big day!

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