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Why have an EMCEE at the wedding? AND How to choose a wedding EMCEE?

Blog Post. 2019.08.31

Why have an MC at the wedding?

The Master of Ceremonies (or MC) plays a very important role at a wedding. The main responsibilities of an MC include:

  • Introducing family members or bridal party
  • Set the tone or atmosphere you are looking to create for your special day
  • Keeping track of time and schedule
  • Entertaining the guest(party games, slide shows, etc.)
  • Making things go smoothly (there are many unforeseen incidents that can happen during the evening)

How to choose an MC for Your Wedding?

  • Look for Confidence – You need a person who is confident in speaking to large crowds using a microphone. Choose an MC that has a strong, confident presence but will not outshine the bride & groom.
  • Organized- An organized MC will keep track of the timeline and make sure things are happening just the way you want it to be.  
  • Sense of humor- It is very important that an MC has a great sense of humor. They need to be able to make guests feel comfortable, break the ice and entertain the guest. Just need to make sure the MC know your boundaries when it comes to making jokes.
  • Great Communicator – being able to chat with you both and understand what you both want is vital in an MC. On the day of, they’ll talk with the guests, DJ, and the caterer. They’ll need to be quick on their feet, follow directions and give instructions too.