San Francisco City Hall is undeniably one of the event venues that require the highest standard of vendors, and TDE is proudly honored to be one of the limited qualified vendors.
Last Sunday, it’s our romantic night-out with SFCH again, the monogram and up-lighting dazzle around the Rotunda, the scent of floral levitate across the dance floor, the live band invigorates one’s soul…it’s unquestionably heart fulfilling to transform the already gorgeous city hall into a masterpiece!

Planning: TDE WEDDING – Carina & Jessica

Photographer: TDE WEDDING – Sam & Ben

Cinematographer: TDE WEDDING – Christina & George


Decoration & Floral: TDE WEDDING CREW


Emcee: TDE WEDDING – Otis


Live Band: Idea band

Blog post – 2018.02.01



Indulge in one of the most popular wedding venues among the Bay Area—Palm Event Center, offers exquisite scenery of chardonnay vines, and wine barrels decorated ballroom. Congrats to Elise and Jerry, who successfully wow their guests with towering floral centerpieces, magnificent lightings and glittering chandeliers.

Planning: TDE WEDDING –  Jessica

Photographer: TDE WEDDING – Sam & Ben

Cinematographer: TDE WEDDING – Christina


Decoration & Floral: TDE WEDDING CREW

Emcee: TDE WEDDING – Otis


Blog post – 2018.01.29


The late night snack

It’s easy to arrange some sort of random late night snacks for your guests; but arranging fresh hot “In-N-Out” burgers with a server dressing in the “In-N-out” outfit after dancing had definitely wow all guests, including us!


The lucky draw

 We’re not talking about winning a $10 Starbucks gift card; the lucky winners won prizes like iPads, and Apple watches… in a wedding!

Love is in the air

The groom who’s a pilot himself holds his wedding at an aviation museum, the couple’s ceremony took place in front of an airplane and on the day, they did not take pictures in typical scenery places, but instead, it was inside an airplane at the pilot’s controlling room. At night, guests dine under different kinds of airplanes, not a typical wedding venue one would normally attend.

Food trucks

The couple loves food truck’s food and they invited their favorite food truck—yes, the actual physical truck parking outside the winery serving delicious ox-tail and a crème brulee cart serving it fresh.

Blog post – 2018.01.15


The party size – If you’ve an intimate wedding, it’s easier to DIY; however, if you’ve a large crowd, DIY might be tedious and overwhelming.


Wedding floral can be pricey, but reconsider to DIY— Unless you’ve very minimal of work to do. We’ve saw weary brides with dark circles on the day; it can easily ruin your big day, save money on elsewhere!


A lifetime memory— DIY can be fun and meaningful. If you’re good at it, you’ll even receive compliments, which can be very fulfilling. A great memory that will last for a long time.


Not for fun— If you’re not an arts and crafts person, and you’re DIY-ing for the sake of budget purpose only, be alerted that the wedding planning process itself is already challenging, adding up can be very frustrating.


Consider partial DIY— If it’s meaningful for you to DIY, but you don’t have the time, choose to participate in a part of it only. We saw escort card standing on a Ferrero Rocher that added green paper leaves on top, making it looks like a pineapple.


Blog post – 2017.12.29


Mom or mother-in-law zillas: When your mom or mother in law to-be always has the final words, and she is the one who decides where to hold the wedding at, what to eat, who to invite, your wedding color scheme and much more … and here comes the worst, she joins most of your meetings with your vendors and make a lot of input of her own point of view.


Never disagrees with your momzillas, the situation might get worst! Nodded on her point of view to avoid direct conflict, but do what you believe is right. If you must compromise, go along with both points of view. For instance, she wants red for your wedding but you die for pink, go for red napkins and pink table linens or promise to offer a special red floral corsage for her.


Your “supportive” spouse

You did a lot ( and most) of the research for your wedding planning, when you are desperate for an opinion from your spouse to be, he answers blandly “whatever…you like”.


Before you melt down, remind yourself why you want to marry your spouse. There must be something that you admire him for. He may not be as keen as you’re in the wedding planning process, but find something that he is good at and let him take charge of it.



Going out of budget

You are completely out of the budget and your stress level reaches to its peak!


If you’re over your budget, write down and prioritize a list of wedding items. Start with items that are least important to you; in that way, it will be easier for you to decide which ones can be minimized.



The Bridesmaids

As if you do not have enough pressure, your bridesmaid complaints about her dress or made unhelpful inputs about your wedding.


Ask your troublesome bridesmaid what would she have done if she were you, she might either not say a word in return or talk until she drops. If she does, let her go for it, after she’s all done, just add a line “ I’ll try to see what I can fix.” Sometimes it’s really just a good talk out that one needs.




The RSVP deadline had passed and there’re still a lot of unresponded guests.


It’s understandable and okay to send a friendly reminder in email/ text to those who have not responded yet. Sometimes, people are simply too busy and have forgotten about it, a reminder is always helpful for both ends.