This week, we’d like to introduce a dazzling winery in the Bay Area– Thomas Fogarty Winery, which is located at the Santa Cruz Mountains winery setting, offers sweeping views of the SF Bay Area.

Thomas Fogarty can accommodate both indoor and outdoor events. Our couple, Rachel and George has chosen their outdoor wedding ceremony at the top part of the venue that one can smell the freshness of the lawn and enjoy a breathtaking view at the same time. Followed by the wedding reception, which took place at the Pavilion, and is also located at an outdoor setting, yet with a covered deck, where guests can truly take pleasure in the view of the beautiful winery. It is definitely a wedding dream come true!


Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery offers luxuriant ground for both ceremony and reception use is one of the all time favorites venue among newly-weds to be in the Bay Area.

It provides options for couples among outdoor garden wedding or plan B, indoor ceremony if it rains. It is an ideal location for couples who are looking for both ceremony and reception taking place at one single impressive site.

Couples can also take advantage of the exquisite establishment in returns of many beautiful wedding pictures.

We hope you enjoy these photos from our couple, Jene and Jenny, who just got married last month at Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery.




When it comes to a wedding, the first thing in mind is beautiful, but for some, budget maybe the first thing to consider before anything else. Therefore, this month, we introduce you our all-inclusive wedding day services for under $7,000 only and yet, the best is it comes with complimentary wedding planning service towards the stated services below! Talking about flexibility, you’re allowed to substitute services for up 15% of the total amount. Every dollar counts, take a look at how does this work!

Wedding planning towards below services FREE

Evening gown FREE

Bonus Items FREE

Photo (8hr) $1880

Video (8hr) $1650

MC (4hr) $600

DJ (4hr) $800

Décor $1200

Floral $400

Makeup &hairdo (one-time) $450

Contact us to schedule a free consultation for more information!

Bay Area offers many splendid architectures and lavishness hotels; however, if you’re concern or tedious about duplication engagement venues where your friends might have already taken their pictures at, city view might be a great alternative, one is such as San Jose downtown.

Rebecca Smith Hurd, who spent her formative years in San Jose, is the managing editor at Via suggests that “San Jose downtown’s streets are colorful by day as they are by night. Vivid murals invigorate not only walls but also utility boxes, crosswalks, and intersections. The art reflects San José’s rich ethnic diversity.”

This month, our photographers brought one of our couples to explore the renowned San Jose downtown.

Enclosed in a cozy and elegant setting, the Embassy Suites Hotel SFO’s Waterfront ballroom offers sweeping inner Bay water view. It is ideal for intimate weddings, where couple can comprise both their wedding ceremony and reception take place at the same location. What’s more? Notice how TDE photographers captured the exceptional moment in the below pictures, when there’s an alone time just between the couple themselves, inside the see through elevator of the hotel.