Besides beautiful scenery and stunning architectures, many couples also consider taking their engagement photos at places where they met each other or have special meanings to them. However, some of their biggest fear is the unappealing location. This week, we are introducing the historic Queen Anne Hotel, which is a charming Victorian mansion from the late 1800s.  However, since the establishment was back in the Gold Rush era, taking remarkable photos requires a lot of professional skills. Some pictures below shown the BEFORE AND AFTER, see how our professional photographers transform aged to timeless! Your Vision VS. Our Photographer’s Vision

After professional retouched by TDE photographers: Before


Please also enjoy other spectacular places that this couple has traveled for photos!

Introducing one of our favorite weddings we’ve accomplished in 2016, which was taken place at the St. Regis, SF. The rooftop tented ceremony offers wonderful view of the SF, yet kept guests cozy indoor. Guest was able to fully enjoy both the sunlight and the ceremony at the same time. Meanwhile, our team had outright the ballroom by using extravagant tall backdrops, quixotic décor accessories, incorporating with dazzling lighting throughout the ballroom.


Followed by the Valentine’s week, one of our weddings took place at Sir Francis Drake Hotel, which was voted “one of the best places to get married in San Francisco” by Ritani. The venue features renaissance-influenced architecture with breathtakingly detailed glass chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling windows and hand-painted murals. Can’t wait to see how it looks like? Pictures are better than thousand words. Here’re some recap of the day.

Over the weekend, newly-weds face one of the most challenging, yet inevitable situations, I.e. The unpredictable rain!

Fortunate enough, for the few weddings we’ve done, escaped from it during the ceremonies; in fact, it was sunny and warm!

Now that’s sunshine after it rains– we see the rainbow!

Congrats to Carmen and Victor, who have held their wedding lunch reception at Fairmont SF rooftop with a panoramic view of SF!

Congrats to Ana and Bradley, who held their wedding at Asian Pearl, Fremont with a nice twist of draping and uplighting throughout the venue!

And last but not least, congrats to Cheryl and Benny, who held their wedding party at the award winning gorgeous Hayes Mansion!


October is a fairly challenging month for us, for years, it has been recorded one of the highest wedding month in TDE.

On 15th and 16th, we’ve provided services to 7 weddings! And to commit what our name has stand for –TDE: Top-notch, Dedicated and Experienced, here’s the recipe:



Well preparation






successfully weddings!

With our unique complementary ” Wedding Service Instruction” included along all TDE services, wedding planning is just a piece of cake!


As your big date draw closer, stress and tensions between partners will easily build up.
However, remind yourself, you’re not getting married for a show, instead you’ve signed up for a happy marriage only.
Keep in mind, no weddings are perfect, when things are out of track, pause for a moment and look into your partner’s eyes, are you going to stress out for the “ideal wedding” or would you rather choose to accept and enjoy what it is?
The next best thing you can do is to review your engagement photos, jog your memory about why you’ve chosen your partner.
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