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Blog Post: 2019.03.04

2019.01.19 Stephanie & James

While many newly-weds-to-be questioned us how do we exactly provide wedding services in one-stop. Well, it’s something that we are dedicated to accomplish every weekend. This week, we invite you to enjoy one of our recent top of the line all-inclusive wedding package completed for approximately $15k, which includes wedding day photography, cinematography, makeup, floral, MC, DJ, lighting, and photo-booth.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Jason, who have just got married at The Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, one of our favorite wedding venues of all times. Not only does it offer breathtaking oceanfront view, but it also provides an all-in-one location site for both the ceremony and the reception. Guests, who attend a wedding at the hotel is alike to a getaway, they can take pleasure with the resort scenery and indulge with 5-star hotel dining experience. Munificent couple, lucky guests!

After a year of planning with Jennifer and Jason, our florist and décor team have converted the already beautiful venue to stunning! Please enjoy some of the recap below from the couple’s big day!

Planning: TDE WEDDING –  Jessica & Carina

Photographer: TDE WEDDING – Sam & Ben

Cinematographer: TDE WEDDING – Christina


Decoration & Floral: TDE WEDDING CREW

Emcee: TDE WEDDING – Otis


Blog post – 2017.11.10

In September, Hiu Mei and Dennis tied the knot at Hiller Aviation Museum.

Not only was it a distinctive venue, with a variety of aircrafts decorated on the ceiling, but it’s particularly momentous to Dennis as a pilot himself. If you’re also a pilot yourself or just simply fall in love with aviation, this venue will be a great choice for you. We hope you’d enjoy the pictures below, which you may find it fairly interesting and different than most wedding day pictures.

The first week of September was the hottest days throughout the entire year of 2017. Lynda and Kenneth were in luck getting married in the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco, where they can enjoy the sea breeze from the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Lynda and Kenneth were also another couples who took advantage of our all-inclusive package and have us planned their wedding meticulously! They were such a lovely and amusing couple to work with; and so as their bridal team, they scooted in with a scooter during the grand entrance, how fun!

Here comes another stress-free couple, who took advantage from our all-inclusive service package! From planning, photography, videography, to décor, lighting, floral, centerpieces, makeup, hairdo, photobooth, and MC/DJ, we’ve turned Wendy and Jackson’s vision to reality. Although one cannot feel the atmosphere of the day on how our MC has hosted the party, but can definitely envision the happiness by looking at the guest’s responses in the below pictures.
It was also a lovely afternoon at the Palo Alto Golf Course, and the couple is able to benefit from the weather with stunning once-in

Bay Area Wedding Planners Discuss Chinese Wedding Day Traditions
Chinese Wedding Day Service Bay Area

Preparing for your wedding is an exciting time. If you wish to honor your Chinese heritage and integrate traditions into your Bay Area ceremony, TDE Wedding can help you with Chinese wedding day services. While many ancient traditions may no longer be followed, here are a few.

The Ceremony

Traditional Chinese wedding planners might adopt or suggest some or all of the following rituals:

  • The groom is led to the bride’s home, often carrying a child to represent the children they will have. There he encounters his fiancé’s bridesmaids who haggle with the groom and demand that he perform tricks and give them money until they are satisfied.
  • The couple travels to the groom’s house with her feet never touching the ground. There she must step over a saddle or lit stove to enter the home.
  • The couple stands at the family altar, where they honor heaven and earth, the family ancestors, and the kitchen god, Tsao-Chün.
  • They offer tea to the groom’s parents. Each cup contains either two lotus seeds or two red dates.
  • The bride and groom bow to each other to complete the ceremony.

The Reception/Banquet

In ancient China, the banquet was more important than the actual wedding ceremony, as it publicly declared the couple had married. A whole fish is served to guests, because the word for fish sounds like the word for plenty, and this ritual serves as a way to wish the couple abundance in their marriage. Sweet lotus seeds are served as dessert to symbolize the couple’s wish for children.

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