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Bay Area offers many splendid architectures and lavishness hotels; however, if you’re concern or tedious about duplication engagement venues where your friends might have already taken their pictures at, city view might be a great alternative, one is such as San Jose downtown.

Rebecca Smith Hurd, who spent her formative years in San Jose, is the managing editor at Via suggests that “San Jose downtown’s streets are colorful by day as they are by night. Vivid murals invigorate not only walls but also utility boxes, crosswalks, and intersections. The art reflects San José’s rich ethnic diversity.”

This month, our photographers brought one of our couples to explore the renowned San Jose downtown.

Besides beautiful scenery and stunning architectures, many couples also consider taking their engagement photos at places where they met each other or have special meanings to them. However, some of their biggest fear is the unappealing location. This week, we are introducing the historic Queen Anne Hotel, which is a charming Victorian mansion from the late 1800s.  However, since the establishment was back in the Gold Rush era, taking remarkable photos requires a lot of professional skills. Some pictures below shown the BEFORE AND AFTER, see how our professional photographers transform aged to timeless! Your Vision VS. Our Photographer’s Vision

After professional retouched by TDE photographers: Before


Please also enjoy other spectacular places that this couple has traveled for photos!

Why Choose TDE Wedding for Your Wedding Photography and Video?


We’ve heard it said that sometimes selecting the perfect photographer is as stressful, if not more so, than selecting a wedding venue! Considering photography and editing style, photo albums, the service hours needed, engagement photo shoot locations, and the shooting list is a lot of stress on newly-engaged couples who have no idea where to start. Our wedding specialists do our best to simplify all of these choices rather than bombarding our clients with information and leaving them to process everything. We’re always a call or email away when Pinterest wedding inspirations hit you.


Our wedding photography team not only captures and documents your big day, but realizes our clients have trusted us with this once-in-a-lifetime event, so it’s our responsibility to do it justice. Even before the wedding invitations go out, couples are welcome to choose their location for their engagement shoot to announce their nuptials to family and friends.

Of course living in or around San Francisco means there are several ideal locations for engagement and wedding photos. The Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Park and City Hall are often frequented by our engaged couples and photographers. For couples who are looking for a specific location that has its own flair and style, our wedding specialists are here to help achieve the photography style you desire. We’re there every step of the way from the beginning stages of location suggestions, all the way to post-production.


As for the big day itself, our photographers will capture everything from the getting ready moments, such as the details of the dress, shoes, rings, etc. and those perfectly timed candid moments that are equally as cherished as the shots that take time to setup and perfect. TDE believes in the importance of meeting our clients’ needs, so to ensure this, we offer clients the option of creating a shooting list as a checklist for the photography team to capture those shots that you’re truly looking for.

Our Bay Area Wedding Planners Are Just a Call Away

If you’re looking for engagement or wedding photography in the Bay Area, browse our online photo gallery for inspiration. You may also want to check out our all-inclusive wedding packages to see our wedding planning options, too! Give us a call today at (415) 813-8900, or fill out our online contact form here.

WANTED: Bay Area Couples seeking a unique, FREE engagement photo shoot unlike any other! TDE Wedding will be selecting one lucky couple to provide a FREE ENGAGEMENT SHOOT. The contest will officially begin on April 2nd, announcing the choices for our unique shoots (including paint wars, bungee jumping and underwater shoots, to name a few) and encouraging you all to vote on the one you’d most like to see. On April 4th, voting will close at 12:00pm, and the photo shoot style with the most likes on that photo will be the style our photography team is giving away. When the winning style is announced, any couple who wishes to enter to win the free shoot must submit their official entry by April 6th at 12:00pm (and have previously liked, commented on, or shared post from April 2nd) and the winning couple will be selected at random and announced on April 6th. Additionally, if TDE receives a record breaking number of likes, shares and comments, we will also be giving away a 2ND FREE PHOTO SHOOT from one of the other randomly selected styles.

Photo Shoot Activity/Styles include…

1. War Paint Wedding

2. Water Wars Wedding

3. Sunrise Shoot

4. Bungee Jumping Braves

5. Hot Air Balloon Ever After

6. Underwater Wedding

7. Water Skiing with the Nearly-weds

8. Horseback Riding Sweethearts


9. Sparks Flew

10. Cosplay Couples


Image Credit: When Geeks Wed; Photographer: Fandi

Additional terms and conditions: TDE Wedding will be providing the photo session free of charge to the client (including soft copies of all the photos with basic retouching, and enhanced retouching of selected photos). Client will be responsible for paying the additional activity cost, unless an alternative agreement is met with TDE. Client will be require to sign a liability agreement, if one is not already required given the selected style/activity for the shoot. TDE Wedding will also be providing the engagement shoot makeup and hair for the bride, and basic grooming for the groom. Client will also be required to provide TDE Wedding with permission to use the photos taken for any and all marketing, webpage, social media and reference purposes. The free photo shoot entails the following: photo session itself (at least 2 hours guaranteed, although exact number may increase at the discretion of TDE contingent on the shooting style selected by participants), engagement shoot makeup and hairdo, and all high resolution images returned to the client post-editing. TDE Wedding has the right to refuse service to any customer as permitted by law.