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Blog post – 2018.05.08

Ceremony: Valley Presbyterian Church, Portola Valley
Venue: Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Cupertino
Planning: TDE WEDDING – Jessica
Photographer: TDE WEDDING – Sam & Ben
Cinematographer: TDE WEDDING – CG Team
Decoration & Floral: TDE WEDDING CREW
Emcee: TDE WEDDING – Otis

Blog post – 2018.04.11

Venue: The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse, Palo Alto

Planning: TDE WEDDING – Jessica

Photographer: TDE WEDDING – Sam & Ben

Cinematographer: TDE WEDDING – Christina & George


Decoration & Floral: TDE WEDDING CREW

Emcee: TDE WEDDING – Otis


The first week of September was the hottest days throughout the entire year of 2017. Lynda and Kenneth were in luck getting married in the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco, where they can enjoy the sea breeze from the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Lynda and Kenneth were also another couples who took advantage of our all-inclusive package and have us planned their wedding meticulously! They were such a lovely and amusing couple to work with; and so as their bridal team, they scooted in with a scooter during the grand entrance, how fun!

At TDE, not only do we strive for outstanding service quality, but we understand affordability plays an important role in a wedding as well. It feels magnificent to know when our customers are joyful with both our quality and price!
Feedback on Yelp, from Jess (San Bruno):
On the day of the wedding, TDE arrived on time had everything set-up exactly as we wanted. We almost did not include lighting in our wedding reception but now that we look back at how beautiful the ballroom looked we’re so glad that we did. TDE has very reasonable prices (probably the most affordable in the SF Peninsula), great customer service, and dependable quality of work. We would definitely work with them again and highly recommend them. Thank you TDE staff for making our wedding day that much more special!

Ballroom Before 

 Ballroom with Moderate Enhancement
Ballroom transformation by TDE


Photo Booths Are Taking Over Modern Weddings

Everyone wants their wedding day to be special. For a wedding planner, making sure that couples are satisfied with their wedding fuels the need to be creative and plan something new and different every time. A recent trend that has taken the market by storm is the photo booth rentals trend.

Wedding photography is one of the most crucial parts of a wedding since photographs capture the memories of that day, and can be kept with the couples forever. Therefore, this innovative new method of making the event memorable for not just the couple, but also the guests invited. Photo booths are taking San Francisco wedding planners by storm and here are a few reasons why.

Following the Selfie Trend

Photo booths enable guests and hosts to take pictures of themselves exactly how they want to. Following the tremendously popular “Selfie” trend, these photos are also a form of selfies whereby people can see themselves before taking the pictures. This means that they don’t have to worry about their appearance since the camera acts as a mirror for them to prepare for the pictures before the photo is taken. These ‘selfies’ are a fun way to capture all types of unique and creative poses and props, and makes their pictures more casual and friendly, rather than standing straight and tall in front of the photographer for stiff or forced pictures. The element of a candid photo also comes across in these pictures, making them appear more natural and playful.

Conversation Starters

When friends or family gather to have their pictures taken in photo booths, it makes for a fun conversation starter where they assess and evaluate each other’s props or poses and discuss the pictures once they receive them moments later. We all know how awkward weddings can be when everything is planned meticulously to the point that engaging in small talk seems to become extremely difficult for the guests. Yet photo booths are an entertaining way to socialize and get to know other guests you may not have spoken with otherwise.

Getting Instant Results

Guests often have to wait for days or weeks before they can see how the wedding photographer’s pictures turned out, hoping that photos of them at the wedding become part of the couple’s album. It’s can also be a tedious task for newlyweds who have to go through thousands of photographs before carefully selecting the best ones to put in their albums. After that, the layouts, sizes and order also have to be decided. With the photo booth, the guests and hosts are able to get their pictures and instantly grab their photos then and there. The photographs also make great wedding favors, and are the best way for guests to cherish the moments of that special day.

Embellishment Ideas

The new “Calligraphy booths” are also trending, where artists are hired to write phrases or messages for guests on their favors. This idea can be easily incorporated into the photo booth pictures, guests can take home pictures customized with small messages or phrases by the bride and groom.

Bay Area Wedding Photography and Photo Booth Rentals are a Click Away

If the idea of having a photo booth added to your wedding photography package, contact the team at TDE Wedding today! We have years of experience in the wedding planning business and our clients and their guests love when photo booths are at their weddings. Give us a call today at (415) 813-8900 or contact us online via our contact form here.